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Time Impact Analysis

A Time Impact Analysis (TIA) or Time Impact Evaluation (TIE) is a technique used for time-estimating that has the capacity to demonstrate the cause and effect of a change to a critical path method (CPM) schedule. A TIA will inherently identify discrete issues. A TIA will also establish relationships to activities or past delays in order to substantiate the impact a delay may have on a project schedule. Bey Construction Management will help its clients by analyzing, preparing and validating Time Impact Analysis claims for schedule delays and disruptions. If a TIA is needed, BCM has the ability to provide preparation, assessment or validation of a Contractor's/Subcontractor's performance. We utilize standard industry means and methods to identify, quantify and prepare TIA claims for time extensions or to substantiate delays.

There are additional TIA references that we consider:

  • Time Impact Evaluation
  • Impacted As-Planned
  • Impacted Baseline
  • Impacted Update Analysis
  • Fragnet Analysis
  • Fragnet Model