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Lean Construction (The Last Planner System)

Lean construction is a method of production that focuses on reducing costs, materials, time and effort through the Last Planner System (LPS). Whose outcome would be to maximize the value and output of a project while minimizing wasteful aspects and time delay.

BCM is well versed in The Last Planner System. Of which is a collaborative planning process that involves trade foremen or design team leaders (the last planners) in planning in greater and greater detail as the time for the work to be done gets closer. It is a simple process that allows your team to create and maintain reliable work flow on construction projects. 

The Last Planner System is a production planning system designed to produce predictable work flow and rapid learning in programming, design, construction and commissioning of projects. Following are the specifics related to a Master Schedule:

  • Pull (Planning) Phase Schedule
  • Weekly Work Plan
  • Percent Plan Complete (PPC)
  • Six week look ahead
  • Tracking Variances

These measurements can increase reliability and bring consistent schedules to their clients.