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Construction Inspection

BCM and prospective customers more than likely understand the the need for independent, experienced inspection and quality control services on complex projects. Our process is to verify that the product furnished by the contractor is in full compliance with the plans, specifications, and other contract documents. Our sound inspection procedures lead to a measure of quality control with the purpose of reducing costly construction delays and subsequent servicing and maintenance costs.

BCM's inspection expertise includes architectural, engineering, and construction expertise. Our blend of professional experience provides a unique ability to execute design, engineering, and/or construction inspections effectively.

BCM provides three primary construction inspection services:

  • Owner’s Representative Services -We work for owners to ensure that the construction process follows the plans and specifications.
  • Contractor/Architect Support - We provide on-site services during the project to ensure that the construction follows the plans and specifications.
  • Pre-Construction Services - We review plans and specifications and advise clients prior to the commencement of construction.

We assist clients by reviewing a project and implementing a recovery process that monitors and identifies the need for possible intervention.